Bicycle Resources


A multi-use path that connects to a regional trail system – Multi-use pathways are connected to the Marine Drive Multi-use trail and continue all the way to the terminal. More detailed maps of the metro area are available in the “Related Links” section below.

Secure bicycle parking – Ride, park, and fly! Bike racks are located on the north and south ends of the PDX terminal. The south rack is adjacent to the TriMet MAX loading platform. Don’t forget your bike lock!

Bike assembly and repair station – Bike assembly and repair station and bike tools – The work station, located on the lower terminal roadway near the TriMet MAX Red Line station, enables people traveling with bicycles to more easily assemble and disassemble their bikes before and after flights. Bike tools are attached to the station for use, too.

TriMet connections – TriMet serves PDX with the MAX light rail line. MAX trains include bike hooks and connect to buses and other rail lines across the metropolitan area.

Portland, Oregon, is so bike friendly, people even ride their bikes to the airport before hopping on a plane, which is why Portland International Airport provides a wide range of transportation options to our customers and employees. Whether you’re visiting the region, traveling out of state, or one of the thousands of people who work at the airport each day, PDX is committed to bicycle facilities that make getting to and from the airport as easy and safe as possible.

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