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​​​​​​​Connect Oregon Grant Greenlights Increased Capacity at Terminal 6

Recently, the Port of Portland received $7.37 million from the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Connect Oregon funding for the Marine Terminal 6 Capacity project, which will increase much needed shipping container capacity and improve container handling safety and efficiency.

Terminal 6 is the only ocean container terminal in the State of Oregon; it is a critical link in container shipment of both exported and imported goods between ship, rail, barge and truck.

“Our aggressive efforts to grow business at T6 during the last 5 years have paid off,” said Chief Operating Officer Dan Pippenger. “T6 has played a key role in alleviating supply chain challenges that have plagued west coast ports. This project will allow T6 to have more capacity and continue to support Oregon businesses and their global connections.”

The current existing container storing area at the Port is reaching capacity. The project will provide additional container storage to improve container movement throughput, capacity, and efficiency. Project elements include strengthening pavement structure at Berth 607 to accommodate container stacking as much as five-high. In addition, the project includes associated Terminal 6 stormwater infrastructure and high-mast lighting to improve safety, operational efficiency, and environmental protection.

At least 175 estimated long-term jobs will be created related to ongoing freight and cargo movements, and more than 2,800 retained jobs will be supported, as a direct result of the project. In addition, as many as 350 new construction-related jobs are estimated during the peak construction year for the project. The Port will add $3.16 million of Port funds to the Connect Oregon funding for a total project cost of $10.5 million. The Port plans to complete the project within three years.

The Port is using its contracts and people, and its airports, marine terminals and industrial development tools, to create jobs and build wealth for communities whose members should have always shared in the prosperity of the entire region.

Supporters of this project include Portland Freight Advisory Committee, Oregon Public Ports Association, Oregon Department of Agriculture, Oregon Rail Users League, Portland Business Alliance, Greater Portland Inc., Oregon Business and Industries, SM Line, Lotus Containers, Shaver Transportation, Union Pacific Railroad, Fred Meyer/Kroger, Valley Hay, WorldWave Logistics, Quality Trading, Harbor Industrial, ILWU Local 8, Columbia River Pilots, and Columbia River Bar Pilots

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