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Travel Safe at PDX.

Hello, PDX traveler. We’re so happy you’re here.

Your health and safety are our top priority at the Portland International Airport (PDX). As communities continue to respond to COVID-19, we’re doing all we can to make the airport safe and welcoming for everyone.

It’s probably been a while since you stepped into PDX. You should know that the airport might look a little different than your last journey. Here is what you can expect the next time you fly.

Masks Are Not Required

Masks are no longer required at PDX, though anyone who wishes to wear one may do so. We recognize that travelers and airport employees may have mixed feelings about this change. We ask that people be kind and respectful of a person’s individual decision to wear a mask or not.

Documents You Need

Some destinations require a confirmation that you’ve been vaccinated or don’t have COVID-19. Here’s what you need to know:

Do I need a vaccine card or passport?

Are you vaccinated against COVID-19? That’s awesome! Some countries are starting to require vaccine cards upon entry. You don’t need one to get into Oregon, but you should check in with your airline to find out what’s needed at your final destination.  

I'm vaccinated. Do I need a negative test?

Some locations still require a negative test, even for those who have been vaccinated. Check with your airline to see what you need at your final destination.

What's open at PDX

Shops & Dining

Most of our shops and restaurants are open, but you may want to bring snacks if you're flying after 8:00 or 10:00pm when many close for the evening. We’re keeping everything up-to-date on our website

Any other tips?

Yes, thanks for asking! You’ll probably notice a few construction projects as we upgrade and update PDX. Some of the paths to your gate have moved. Give yourself plenty of time to navigate these changes. The good news? If you arrive early, there’s great food, drinks, and shops waiting for you after security.  

Answering your questions

If your question isn’t answered below, please call or text our customer service team for more details: 503.460.4234.