PDX Construction Updates PDX Construction Updates

Hello there. We’re glad you’re here. If you haven’t flown in a while, you’ll notice that PDX looks a little different — that’s because parts of the airport are under construction.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Construction may be loud at PDX.

    Find earplugs in the ticket lobby, just before TSA security checkpoints. Travelers with different sensory needs can stop by the Travel Oregon Welcome Center in baggage claim for a free sensory kit.

  • Don’t go through security twice.

    Make sure you follow signs to the security checkpoint matching your boarding pass. There are no shortcuts between concourses beyond security anymore.

  • Baggage claim may be crowded.

    If you arrive at PDX between 8pm - midnight, baggage claim may be more crowded than usual as we install PDX’s new roof.

A few more helpful tips

  • Arrive a little early. Give yourself extra time to get to your gate. (We recommend 2 hours for domestic flights and 3 hours for international flights, but travelers should also check in with their airlines.)
  • Follow the overhead wayfinding signs. There are new routes to Concourse C and Concourse D to move you safely around the main terminal construction -- and keep you connected to your favorite shops and restaurants. Follow the overhead signs to your gate.
  • Expect to see: a lot of construction workers hard at work. The ceiling is gone in the ticket lobby and we just installed some scaffolding to keep you safe as we work.
  • Why is this all happening? If you haven’t seen the new airport designs – and what we can all look forward to in Spring 2024 — check out this story.

Construction Map

Here’s a map that highlights some of the changes in the ticket lobby and as you go through security. There is no shortcut between concourses post-security anymore, so be sure to check your boarding pass and follow signs for the right security checkpoint.

Concourse Connector

Answering your questions

If your question isn’t answered below, please call or text our customer service team for more details: 503.460.4234.

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Concourse Connector